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Legislative Updates


Federal Voting Records

These PDF documents list members of Congress from the ten states in the Midwest Region and their votes on issues important to Laborers and their families. An "R" indicates the legislator voted the "right" way, supporting Laborers, and a "W" indicates they voted the "wrong" way, against Laborers.

2015-2016 Congressional Voting Record (House)
2015-2016 Congressional Voting Record (Senate)
2013-2014 Congressional Voting Record
2011-2012 Congressional Voting Record


Federal Updates

Federal Highway Trust Fund to Limp into 2015: 7/17/14

2+ Year Highway Bill Passes Congress: 7/3/12

Davis-Bacon and PLA Attacks Continue: 7/3/12

NLRB Forges Ahead to Educate WorkersÂ’: 7/3/12

LIUNA Opposes House Republican Highway Bill: 2/14/12

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