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Family/Members Issues

families members issuesHealthcare:  It is imperative for women to know health issues that primarily affect them and to be up-to-date on what’s happening in healthcare.  Take an active role in caring for your health and stay up to date with issues that affect your healthcare coverage by clicking here.


Retirement:  Planning for retirement is particularly important for women because women tend to live longer than men and might not have earned an equal salary in their lifetime.  It’s your retirement and you earned it, click here so you can stay informed on issues related to your retirement.


Dependent Care:  Women are often the primary caregivers, not just for their children, but for their aging or disabled relatives as well.  Do you know what your rights are as a caregiver?  To learn more about your rights and resources available, click here.


Finances: Women on average earn less than men, so proper management of one’s finances can help a woman live comfortably now and in retirement.  Take control of your finances and learn what issues can affect your paycheck by clicking here.


Labor, Politics, Education, and Activism:  Knowledge is power—be aware of what is happening in our country.  It is vital to you, your family, your union, your community and your paycheck to remain informed.  Use your knowledge; you have the power to make changes happen.  To learn more about the politics that affect us, issues to be educated on and how to be an activist, click here.