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JB Pritzker for Illinois Governor

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Gov. Bruce Rauner has tried to make union members like us out to be the root of all evil for the last three years. According to Rauner, the solution to every problem facing Illinois is to take away the rights of workers, lower their pay and benefits, and weaken their unions. More than any other group, union members need to fight back and kick Bruce Rauner and his pals out of Springfield.

That’s why we hope you will decide to join us in supporting JB Pritzker for governor.

JB Pritzker will support and protect all LiUNA members:
  • JB will make a statewide construction program a top priority, putting thousands of Laborers back to work;
  • JB will end the attacks on our brothers and sisters who work in state and local government and ensure that all workers have the same, strong rights at the bargaining table and will end the threat of replacing public sector workers with low wage, no benefit contractors; and
  • JB will fight to increase the minimum wage and will protect good paying construction jobs by strengthening the Prevailing Wage law and, once again, punishing contractors who cheat to steal our work.
Learn more about JB's detailed plan to put Laborers to work.

See the many ways Bruce Rauner has failed Illinois.

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