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Wellness Programs

The Health and Safety Fund offers materials for the following health promotions upon request. To request materials or more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

March Madness (Basketball Themed)

  • 4-week healthy incentive program focusing on nutrition
  • Rewards good eating habits
  • Uses education quizzes and recipes

Spring Training (Baseball Themed)

  • 4-week program designed for sampling healthful activities
  • Encourages teams
  • Uses participant surveys to measure success

Union Fit, Union Built (Walk the Region)

  • 12-week walking program
  • Utilizes a pedometer to record steps taken with the end goal being enough steps to have traveled the region
  • A team effort

Walktober (Fall Themed)

  • 31-day walking challenge
  • Has participants track progress to see their fitness and endurance improve
  • Promotes health benefits of exercise
  • Encourages use of a partner and/or family involvement
  • Utilizes handouts, trivia, pedometers, recipes, games, emails
  • Also available online

Weight Before Fitness (Holiday Themed)

  • 4-week program
  • Fitness program geared toward preparing for the holiday season
  • Utilizes motivational messages, handouts, games, recipes
  • Encourages logging of progress


  • 8-week program to build healthy habits
  • Promotes increasing physical activity, learning healthy food choices, understanding portion control, working through social/emotional challenges of weight loss and management
  • Encourages journaling
  • Utilizes quizzes, health myths, recipes, contracts of commitment, and surveys