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Helping with Homework!

Wondering how to help your children with homework, or how to get them to do it without a struggle? PBSorg.com recommends first remembering that homework is designed to help reinforce concepts, provide practice of skills, and to help process and solidify new information. It is truly practice! They recommend the following:

  • Don’t do your child’s homework or take over their projects. Instead make sure they complete all assignments and check them when they’ve completed the items. Support but do not hover. 
  • Help your child find the right time and place to complete work. Are they best in the early morning? Do they need a snack before they get going? Should they always avoid the living room because the TV or other siblings are too distracting? Create a solid and positive routine and stick to it!
  • Understand how your child learns best. Observe, ask your child, and ask their teachers. Perhaps they need absolute quiet, or prefer to read aloud? Once you understand what works for them, you can then support them in this endeavor.
  • Unplug. While some kids may do better with quiet music, televisions, devices and all distractions should be off-limits until work is done.
  • Communicate with the teachers. If your child is having a hard time understanding something and/or if you’re struggling to provide support, talk with your child’s teacher. They can help your child and you, have a healthy homework time. 
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