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Your Baby Is Telling You Something!

A crying baby can make one minute feel like one hour. Instinctively, parents pick the baby up and try anything to calm it down.  Prior to a panic attack, remember that your baby is talking to you, and as you’ve heard, baby has a lot to say! Often if you figure out the need, you take care of the problem. According to babycenter.com, here are common needs that are being communicated by a crying baby:

  • I’m hungry... feed me!
  • Change this diaper, now please.
  • I’m soooo tired I can’t stand it!
  • Hold me, really sweetly.
  • My tummy hurts - could be gas, colic, or that I need to burp.
  • I just don’t feel well - I might have a cold or virus.
  • I’m teething. Yep, that’s my problem.
  • Can you play with me or give me something fun to play with?
  • Whoa... too much stimulation. I’m just a baby!
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