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LIUNA Local 42 Organizes SLPS Employees

LIUNA Local 42 recently scored a major victory for the Laborers, organizing the custodial employees of the St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS). Despite a late challenge from the teachers union, Local 42 won the NLRB vote 143-2.

Local 42 Business Manager Brandon Flinn said the bargaining unit of 212 custodians had disaffiliated from another union due to lack of representation and no raises in more than five years.

With the help of MROC, the Local held meetings with the membership, set up an internal committee and began an informational campaign of mailers and phone calls. On Saturday January 29, the Local held a rally and BBQ for the membership and they voted on February 4th.

Through early negotiations with SLPS, Local 42 secured the members an $1100 bonus.

Flinn thanked the following teams for their hard work in the victory:

Internal Committee - Reggie Davis, Ronald Jones

MROC - Carl Baysinger, Carlos Escobar, Ronald Lashley, Mike Walsh

Local 42 - Charlie Bean, Danny Jenkins, Jeffrey Mack, Rich Mclaughlin

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