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Laborers Protest ALEC Meeting in Dallas

Laborers from the Midwest Region recently gathered in Dallas to protest the annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a secretive national conservative advocacy group. The gathering was held at the Hilton Anatole hotel from July 29-31, and the protesters were there to send the message “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

ALEC is a partnership between big corporations and Republican state legislators from across the country, who work together to write business-friendly sample legislation that the legislators then try to get passed in their respective states.

Laborers joined other union groups outside the hotel where the meeting was held and showed off signs and the inflatable greedy pig mascot (pictured.)

Organizer Gary Speegle said ALEC has been staying out of the national spotlight by targeting local campaigns and elections, which is where a lot of public policy is made. For example, a living wage ordinance recently passed in Austin would be on the chopping block if the corporations that control ALEC had their way.

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