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John Penn Responds to Rauners' Call for Stop-Gap Budget

On Wednesday, Gov. Rauner called for the legislature to pass a stopgap budget to prevent the shutdown of road construction projects. What he neglected to mention is that the reason Illinois needs a temporary budget is because Rauner wants to cut the pay of the workers on the very projects he's trying to continue. There would be no need for a stopgap budget if Rauner dropped his insistence on cutting workers' pay and benefits as ransom for a full budget.

Here is LiUNA VP John Penn's statement on the Rauner's press conference:

"Governor Rauner’s call for a temporary budget to keep vital road and bridge construction projects funded is misleading. We must keep in mind that the only reason there is talk of a ‘stopgap’ budget today is because Governor Rauner will not sign a fully-funded, yearlong budget unless legislators agree to cut the pay of the very construction workers he claims to want to keep employed, among other anti-worker, anti-middle class proposals on his agenda.

“If the Governor were to drop his insistence on cutting the pay and rights of hard working Illinoisans before passing a full budget, a stopgap budget would be completely unnecessary.”

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