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Laborers' Disaster Response Team

The Laborers’ Disaster Response Team (LDRT) offers immediate relief to the suffering of disaster victims. The LDRT is comprised of workers in the building trades (laborers, operating engineers, and teamsters) who have spent much of their professional lives removing debris from construction and demolition sites. Because of our professional training, we can safely and efficiently move trees and other debris from roadways and people’s homes and property so first responders, utility companies, and other necessary personal can enter a disaster area.

LDRT volunteers are trained to respond to emergencies with first responder quickness, and we sustain a response for the first 72 hours. We deploy and make contacts with local resources in the disaster area or just outside that area to supply needed equipment and resources.


Check out the videos below to see the Laborers' Disaster Response Team help communities devastated by misfortune.

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