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America Saves Week – February 26-March 3

A 2016 survey revealed that money is the biggest source of stress for Americans, beating out work, health, the economy and family responsibilities. While money is certainly an important factor in all our lives, there are Financial Wellness programs, made to improve peoples’ financial lives and relieve some of our stress. There are plans for long-term life goals and short-term yearly goals, savings for education, and more. The load does not have to fall squarely on you.

America Saves Week, started in 2007, is an opportunity to think about and cultivate good savings behavior, and assess your own savings status. It’s a great occasion to review this LiUNA resource on financial wellness, and you may also want to take a look at (and bookmark!) this list of resources from America Saves that includes links to online savings calculators, reports, infographics, courses, and more!
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