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Right-to-Work (for less) Defeated in Missouri

On September 16, 2015, the Missouri House considered and defeated an attempt to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of “Right-to-Work (for Less)” legislation, and Missouri Laborers were there to make their voices heard.

The House needed 109 votes to override, but the measure only received 96. According to the Kansas City Star, since the House failed to override, the Senate did not take up the veto measure at all.

It was reported in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Republicans who stood with working people might face retaliation from fellow Republicans in their next elections.

As Local 829 Business Manager and Secretary-Treasurer Rick Kline said, “With all of us uniting as one, we will defeat this in the future to show that the middle class is still the backbone of this country. Also, if you’re not registered to vote, do so. Your vote does count and without it your voice won’t be heard.”

The Missouri Times has a roundup of reactions from people and organizations on both sides of the issue.

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