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Working with the Chicago Laborers’ District Council, the Great Plains, Southwestern IL, and Southern & Central IL Laborers’ District Councils co-sponsored this video on behalf of all Laborers in Illinois. The video premiered at Tuesday’s Illinois Delegate’s Breakfast at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The breakfast, which was co-hosted by the Councils, featured a speech from Vice President and Midwest Regional Manager John Penn as well as the keynote address from LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan. The video was produced by AL Media.

Memorial Day Observance

DSC 0498

Members of LIUNA Local 362 observed Memorial Day by marching as a group in the Bloomington, IL Memorial Day Parade. Local 362 retiree, Vietnam veteran and chaplain of American Legion Post 624, Heyworth, Illinois, Gary Turner also submitted the following poem.

One in the Same

Today is for remembering veterans from all of our wars

Some of them fought on far away shores

Some soldiers were young and still wet behind the ears

But war made them age fast, way beyond their years

Some return home to their families after passing war’s test

Some weren’t so lucky and came home to be laid to rest

Some are up in heaven now and doing quite well

Because their time at war was their own living hell.

If it wasn’t for those few proud men answering their call,

We probably wouldn’t have a flag to pay tribute to at all.

Some people think being in the military is all fun and games

But the way I see it, veterans and heroes are one and the same

So on this Memorial Day, just remember to give thanks

To all the living veterans and those that are now in God’s ranks.