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How Dirty Was That Martini?

From the start of alcohol prohibition in 1920, many who enjoyed the drink continued to do so, either buying it illegally or making it in their homes. While the concepts of homemade "moonshine" or secret speakeasies tends to make many crack a curious smile, apparently the government was not so amused.  Apparently, bootleggers were stealing indu...
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The Easiest Way to Lose Money!

The easiest way to lose money is the move to a "Right to Work" state. States that have embraced this have turned good union jobs into bad, lower paying jobs. In fact, the average worker now makes $5,300 less in Right to Work states. This so-called law lowers living standards for workers and threatens collective bargaining. This is information that ...
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Surfing Can Cause Waves!

​So you've got a few minutes left on your lunch break. Why not go online, check out what's happening in your town or maybe find out how the election is shaping up? Time is short and you just want headlines, so why not browse a little, right?  Unfortunately, you've got to be more and more careful about the websites you can trust…and not just to...
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