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LIUNA Retiree Activism

What to Do in Retirement

Retirement brings a shift in focus-from a task-directed existence to a more inner-directed life. It is important to refresh your mind and body, continue to do things you enjoy, develop new interests, and become involved.  Social activities are an important part of retirement life. Relationships with others are as important as financial resources and contribute to good health.

Retired Laborers have a lot to offer their Local Unions. Your time, experience and commitment to your Union are something that should be shared with active Laborers, Apprentices, and your community. Be active in your Local’s Retiree Council or spearhead efforts to charter one. There are many fun and fulfilling activities that Retiree Councils can assist with. Whether you belong to a retiree council or not these are ways you can continue to make a difference:

Political Action

  • Write to elected officials about issues important to active and retired workers
  • Assist with phone banks
  • Distribute information about pro-union legislation in the community
  • Call in to a local radio talk show. Get the message out about important retiree political issues like social security and rising health care costs.
  • Assist with voter registration drives
  • Educate younger workers about the duty and privilege of voting

Organizing Campaigns

  • Participate in VOICE, the Laborers’ Volunteer Organizers in Community Empowerment training program
  • Assist with your Local’s organizing drives
  • Explain to your neighbors and others you interact with about the value of being union and what it’s meant for you

Mentoring and Meeting Participation

  • Help at your local training facility. Share your experience from the field Interview/help screen Apprentices.
  • Be a mentor to Apprentices and new Members
  • Attend your Local Union meetings regularly. Visit with old friends and introduce yourself to new faces.
  • Demonstrate that union participation and democracy is a member duty

Community Support

  • Work with your Local Union and local community support agencies-Special Olympics, Food/Clothing Drives, Dollars Against Diabetes, Toy Drives, Adopt-A-Highway litter control programs-the opportunities are endless!
  • Assist your Local Union with scholarship fund raisers, work zone safety flyer distribution, “Christmas in October” building/clean-up projects and other activities.

Social Action

  • With your retiree council and other friends go on picnics, to ball games, craft classes, golf outings, play cards or bingo, publish a cookbook, go hunting and fishing - the opportunities are limitless.

LIUNA Retiree Volunteers in Action-make your Union stronger and your world better.
Get Involved!  Get Active!  Make a Difference!  Your Union Needs You.