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Success Stories

Keeping the playing field level is key to the success of our signatory contractors who provide safe, family-supporting jobs for our membership. Through extensive monitoring, documentation and reporting, LIUNA, along with fair contracting organizations throughout the region, works tirelessly to hold all contractors to the standards set forth by local, state and federal laws. Prevailing wage laws, responsible bidder ordinances and OSHA violations are just a few of the areas that our investigators look into on a daily basis.


Missouri Contractor Delinquent on Taxes No Longer Doing Government Jobs, Thanks to LIUNA
Brookshire Concrete, a subcontractor doing work at Fort Leonard Wood in St. Robert, MO, was found by LIUNA to be delinquent in the amount of $270,000 in federal taxes and $77,000 in state taxes. LIUNA notified the appropriate public officials and that company is no longer working on taxpayer-funded projects at the miliary base.


IDOL Notifies Lion Construction of Prevailing Wage Violation
Through diligent monitoring and investigation, LIUNA discovered that Lion Construction was violating the Prevailing Wage Act by not paying its employees what they legally deserved. Through LIUNA’s actions and filing, Lion was ordered to pay their employees an additional $23,536.51. This type of monitoring and filing helps keep the playing field level for contractors that are compliant with the law.