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LIUNA Midwest Region Laborers' Training

There are nine (9) Training Funds located throughout the Midwest Region:  one (1) in Nebraska, one (1) in Indiana, one (1) in Illinois, one (1) in Oklahoma, two (2) in Missouri, one (1) in Kansas, and two (2) in Iowa. The Midwest Region also has additional satellite facilities located in Illinois and Indiana.


We as training fund directors of each fund work together and communicate to stay on top of any training, new or old, that will keep our members the best trained laborers for our signatory contractors. The resources we have as individual funds have been used to help all the funds, large and small. GPS, concrete, asphalt, pipeline safety, hazardous materials and blueprints are just a few of the many classes we teach. We combine classroom and hands-on activities, taught by experienced laborers, who have been trained to present the classroom materials as well as teaching the hands-on portion from their experience of being out in the field. Our number one main goal is to turn out a safe, qualified Union Laborer!


Click here for more information on Illinois Laborers'’ & Contractors Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program.

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