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  • The Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund assists union members and signatory contractors by coordinating activities to increase worker productivity and decrease worker injuries in a safer, healthier workplace.

  • Laborers’ Training Funds throughout the Midwest Region combine classroom and hands-on activities, taught by experienced, trained Laborers, to teach our members the skills they need to do a quality job safely.

  • The Laborers appreciate and honor our Veterans and their service to our country.

  • Laborers’ Home Development Corporation develops quality, affordable housing in under-served communities, creating jobs for our members and union contractors.


An informed union member is an active union member. Many people do not enjoy the cat fight of politics, yet the politician’s pass laws that impact every Laborer's wages, hours, safety conditions and job opportunities. That is why it is important to understand issues in our city halls, state houses and Washington,D.C. (read more)


If you are a LIUNA member approaching or in retirement, chances are you will be able to take advantage of the benefits you and your Local Union have worked for over the years. Our members are fortunate to reap the rewards of collective action made possible by joining the Laborers’ Union. (read more)


Laborers’ Veterans Committee is a District Council and Local Business Managers and retired members who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.  The purpose of our committee is to assist our veteran and active-duty Laborers, and their families by informing them of their rights, providing benefit information, and holding the government and elected officials accountable for their service-related needs. (read more)


Sisters of Union Laborers (SOUL) was formed in 2011 by the Midwest Regional Laborers’ International Union of North America Vice President John F. Penn as part of the Midwest Regional office’s Membership Education Mobilization Program.  SOUL was created to help educate members, their families and their communities on issues important to our lives, our union, our community, and our paycheck. (read more)

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